When a client, who had no apparent relatives, dies intestate, you need professional research services in order to settle the Estate. This is where we can help. We have had extensive experience conducting genealogical research to identify, locate and even verify all the heirs to an estate. Unlike traditional genealogists, we can also track down living people. So, not only will we look back through time at your client’s family to determine who the closest living relatives are, we will expand our research to locate them.

Upon concluding our probate research, we will provide you with a written report and a family tree clearly showing your client’s heirs. This report will be supported by documents proving each heir’s relationship to the decedent. These documents include death certificates, birth certificates, census records, obituaries, probate records and any record that we find that brings the pieces together.

Finding Missing Named Beneficiaries
Provide us with all the information that you have on your missing heirs and we will use our skills and experience to locate them. These searches will include a lot of database and directory searches, phone calls, and tapping our many sources for information.

We have successfully located heirs to the copyrights of screenplays, novels and other works. It’s easy to find out about the public life of even obscure writers, but to find out who their heirs were and where they are today is not. We have sources to help us follow the lives of these artists until their ends. Then we follow the lives of their heirs. Once they are found, we will report directly to you and forward any relevant supporting documents